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Bibi Goldstein – CEO and Founder of Buying Time, Virtual Assistant Services for Your Business

Bibi Goldstein on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

My guest today, Bibi Goldstein, started her business 13 years ago to do personal errands for time-starved families. Her initial vision was walking your dog, picking up dry-cleaning and other tasks that busy families never seem to get to. Fast forward 13 years, Buying Time LLC has grown and morphed into something much bigger and her ideal clients today are entrepreneurs.

She quickly discovered there was a high demand for virtual support among small business owners so she jumped on board.

On today's show, Bibi tells us all about how staying open to changes brought great success in her business. She also shares tips to maximize your cash flow, how to best engage with your support system, and much more.

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We want it to be some place where people want to work. It is not just about the hourly amount that they're making.” – Bibi Goldstein

Show Notes:

  • The One ACTION Step she took that catapulted her business to another level – this will surprise you
  • Why “shedding some weight” in her business was a tough but smart move
  • How the BEST decision she made for her business was also the HARDEST
  • The importance of STAYING OPEN to changes in your business
  • Why you must make friends with your NUMBERS
  • WHAT keeps her motivated as an entrepreneur after 13 years in business
  • The interesting change she sees coming out of the pandemic in her industry
  • The advice she hears in the start-up arena that makes her stomach turn

A virtual assistant can do anything that an in person assistant can do, except get you coffee.” – Bibi Goldstein

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When you hire Buying Time you are hiring eight people with eight different skill sets.” – Bibi Goldstein