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Betsy Myers – From Selling Insurance to the White House

Betsy Myers on She's Got Moxie with Joy ChudacoffToday I’m delighted to introduce a longtime friend of mine and an incredible Moxie woman, Betsy Myers!

Betsy Myers was a senior advisor to two U.S. presidents, most recently the COO of Obama’s presidential campaign and the chair of Women for Obama. Currently, she is the Founding Director of the Center or Women in Business at Bentley University. A leading expert, author, and advocate, Betsy also speaks at conferences and workshops around the world on the changing nature of leadership.

Betsy's book, Take the Lead: Motivate, Inspire, and Bring out the Best in Yourself and Everyone Around You continues to be the basis of her work in the corporate, political, and higher education arena.

On today’s show, Betsy speaks real, raw truth about how being highly visible and the COO of Obama’s campaign was like drinking water through a fire hose. She did it all while being a mom for her small child at the same time. Betsy gives her true opinion of the Women’s March that happened in January 2017, and she gets open, honest, and real about some of her recent challenging life events.

I’m so excited for you to hear what Betsy is up to in terms of moving and shaking the women’s movement, her favorite productivity tips, and a whole lot more.

I put together a support system, which is a really helpful thing to do in any job or part of your life.” – Betsy Myers

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I put together a support system, which is a really helpful thing to do in any job or part of your life.” – Betsy Myers

Show Notes:

  • The transition from Betsy's own small business to running a sector of the Women in Business Government Office during former President Bill Clinton’s Administration
  • How Betsy ended up becoming the COO of Obama’s presidential campaign
  • How Betsy managed her role as a mother to a four year-old while being the COO of Obama’s Presidential Campaign
  • What Betsy Myers thinks about the 2017 Women’s March
  • What advice Betsy would give to the Hillary Clinton campaign
  • How Betsy has dealt with the latest chapter in her life

You make decisions based on what is important for your family at the time. Other opportunities present themselves, and it works out for the best.” – Betsy Myers

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My stake in the ground for this book was that leadership creates a feeling. And when people feel valued and included and heard and part of something bigger than themselves, they connect and are their best selves.” – Betsy Myers