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Bethany McDaniel – Launching a Business With Just $250 – CEO & Founder of Primally Pure

Bethany McDaniel on She's Got Moxie with Joy ChudacoffAfter struggling with acne and skin sensitivity as a teenager, my guest Bethany McDaniel, CEO & Founder of Primally Pure decided to dive deep into the power of real food & natural ingredients. In her deep research and self-education process, she uncovered the knowledge that there were a lot of toxic ingredients found in deodorant which led her on a journey to make her own. She found something that worked for her but unfortunately, her hubby wasn’t too excited to try it so she had to get busy and find another way to win him over. This is when Primally Pure, was born.

On this episode, Bethany talks about how she started her business with only $250, as well as her deodorant tube disaster of 2017 – which was a good reminder of the ebb & flow of entrepreneurial life. Bethany also talks about her best action steps, how contacting influencers helped her grow her business, and much more.

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I'm a firm believer that you can do so much with very little.” – Bethany McDaniel

Show Notes:

  • How her early days as a staff WRITER got her thinking about owning her own biz
  • WHY she chose Deodorant as her first product (Her hubby wasn’t too excited)
  • How a $250 purchase got the ball ROLLING to a multi-million dollar company
  • The #1 ingredient to her early success (I love the SIMPLICITY of this)
  • How her LEADERSHIP has changed from the early days
  • The 2017 Deodorant Tube DISASTER that taught her an important life lesson
  • The Business ADVICE she hears that she absolutely does not agree with

Knowing what it is to be an entrepreneur, there are always going to be struggles and things rarely go as planned.” – Bethany McDaniel

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It's like this puzzle that you constantly have to tweak and figure it out all the time.” – Bethany McDaniel