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Alli Webb & Meredith Quill – Hearts Be Still. Meet Becket & Quill Jewelry

She mastered the market when it comes to blowouts & massage! Now she’s back with a new jewelry line and partner in crime!

Serial entrepreneur, Alli Webb (co-founder of Drybar, co-founder of Squeeze) and Meredith Quill joined me on the show to talk about their new venture, Becket + Quill jewelry.

Alli has always looked for “affordable luxury” in business ventures and Becket + Quill fit the bill. Becket + Quill focuses on jewelry that’s “high end, not high spend.”

On today’s show, Alli talks about how she met Meredith and why she decided to get into the jewelry business. Meredith tell us about the moment she fell in love with jewelry for the first time and what it’s like to have a business partner.

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The beauty of this business is that you can be wearing things that look very expensive, but really aren't.” – Alli Webb

Show Notes:

  • Alli shares Why Jewelry and Why Now?
  • The #1 ingredient you MUST have to gain a sustainable, LOYAL following
  • What Alli looks for when evaluating a business opportunity
  • Details on their partnership and why opposites attract
  • The moment Meredith discovered that Jewelry was her true passion
  • Alli shares how a direct-to-consumer brand is so different from brick & mortar and the lessons she’s learning
  • How they both handle the “crawl into the fetal position, I’m never coming out” moments as a woman entrepreneur
  • Where they both Find Their Joy
  • Alli’s truth-telling on what it really takes to become a successful brand
  • And much, much more

Listening and being open to other ideas is important.” – Meredith Quill

Connect with Alli Webb & Meredith Quill:

Instagram | Becket + Quill

We have very different skillsets and we're both very aware of that.” – Alli Webb