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Beata Kirr – A Wake Up Call For Women About Wealth Building

Beata Kirr on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

In full disclosure, I met my guest Beata Kirr at a presentation that I was convinced was going to be fairly boring. I actually thought it was going to give me thirty minutes to scan my email feed and swipe right to delete : -). Guess what? I was wrong. Once I heard Beata share some of the most recent research on women and money, I put my phone away and grabbed a pen and paper.

Beata Kirr is the National Managing Director in the Alliance Bernstein Chicago office. She was appointed Head of Private Client Core Asset Strategies of Bernstein in 2017. Beata is a member of Bernstein’s Private Client Investment Policy Group, which oversees strategic asset allocation for high-net-worth, nonprofit and family clients.

Beata has provided market commentary for the Chicago Tribune, WGN News, NPR and the Wall Street Journal. She is passionate about helping women investors succeed, and she speaks frequently to women’s groups nationally. Beata is also the host of “Bernstein Insights” Women & Wealth podcast series.

On today’s show, Beata dives into some surprising stats, how we as women can manage our wealth better, and more.

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It is undeniable that women are a force to be reckoned with in terms of the financial decision-making power that they have.” – Beata Kirr

Show Notes:

  • The surprising facts about women creating wealth today – this is GREAT news!
  • Women continually say they’re not good with numbers but that’s not what the research shows
  • The THREE Critical numbers you need to know NOW
  • Startling facts about Women and WHY it’s essential that Women Need their Money to last longer
  • How to identify and rectify ACCIDENTAL SPENDING
  • You know your height & weight but do you know how much you are spending?
  • The 5 things women need to know about CREATING WEALTH
  • Easy to use Budget App suggestions to easily get going
  • Important information to consider when it comes to INSURANCE
  • What you can do today to get started on your path to wealth management – easy, doable steps to take Today
  • Why you need to keep your records up to date and FRESH. Beata shares a bit of a horror story here and I had a story too!

95% of women are going to be making the financial decisions for their households at some point in their lives – 95%!” – Beata Kirr

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Next time you say ‘I'm going to do spring cleaning' or hire someone to clean your windows, think about an audit of your assets at the same time.” – Beata Kirr