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Ashley Merrill – Taking a Deep Dive on The Process of Business Growth

Ashley Merrill on She's Got Moxie with Joy ChudacoffThings break all the time.” My guest today, Ashley Merrill, CEO & Founder of Lunya, the modern sleepwear for women, takes a deep dive into what it means to grow and scale a boot-strapped business. She’s had blockbuster growth over the last 18 months and on today’s episode she gets radically transparent about what the journey has been like.

IF you are looking to grow your business in 2020 and have a goal to hire an A+ Team and truly understand what it means to lead, do not miss this episode. Ashley breaks down her hiring process, step-by-step, as well as her thoughts on leadership.


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Once everybody is in the spot that they are really going to be successful in and they know what they're supposed to do, it is amazing what you're able to accomplish.” – Ashley Merrill

Show Notes:

  • HOW she came up with the idea
  • How to create an A+ TEAM – she breaks this down step-by-step
  • WHY it’s essential to be tapped into your core client for all decisions
  • How she came to the decision to create a men’s line – Lahgo
  • Her BEST Action Steps to Create momentum that continues to build
  • How she pushes through when “everything is breaking with an endless stream of challenges”
  • Ashley’s KEY to productivity as a mom with young kids while growing a business
  • The way to think about HIRING when it comes to hiring junior and senior hires – the process is extremely different
  • Why Ashley feels getting uncomfortable and expressing humility with a team is ESSENTIAL but it’s not a sign of weakness
  • She’s discovered that LEADERSHIP is what happens when the chips are down
  • Why she gets up so early and why she feels it’s important to honor your energy rhythms

The big game-changers have been a lot of org adjustments and a lot of really wonderful hires.” – Ashley Merrill

Connect with Ashley Merrill:

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Early on in the brand a lot of it is about you personally and how much you can do as an entrepreneur. But as the company has grown, hiring has been what has really enabled us to grow – getting the right people in the right spots.” – Ashley Merrill