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Anna Zornosa – How a Humorous (& compromising!) Department Store Dressing Room Experience Led Anna to Birth Ruby Ribbon

Anna Zarnosa on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

My guest today, Anna Zornosa, knew she had to do something after a disastrous experience in a dressing room that left her in a very compromised position – literally.

Known as a serial entrepreneur, Anna became the founder and CEO of Ruby Ribbon, a social selling shapewear company dedicated to helping women feel good and look good while also offering a great side hustle for income.


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I give myself a list so that I can surrender to the doing of the list when there is a lot of noise in my own head about what the next step is.” – Anna Zornosa

Show Notes:

  • Why Anna decided to use social selling to get the word out about Ruby Ribbon
  • How she came up with the name Ruby Ribbon
  • How women really feel about shapewear
  • Why it’s critical to understand the needs of your CORE CUSTOMER
  • The moment she knew she was on to something – there were tears of Joy!
  • The two things that make a woman in business Unstoppable
  • Her Biggest Challenge – she was blind-sided by this one!
  • Her BEST advice for when you feel like giving up
  • The most important first step you should take when thinking about starting a business
  • And much, much more!

I believe that confidence is critical for women in so many different ways.” – Anna Zornosa

Connect with Anna Zornosa:

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How do you create an army that’s able to connect with the customer and offer her personal service? It’s going to have to be a completely different retail channel because no retail channel today can actually do it.” – Anna Zornosa