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Amy Budden – From Hollywood Film Editor to Hypnotherapist and Meditation Teacher, How to Train the Brain to Achieve Success

Amy Budden on She's Got Moxie

Known as the “proficient neurohacker”, Amy Budden helps her clients train their brain to change their mind and achieve success.

Leaving a successful career as a Hollywood Film Editor, Amy came into meditation and hypnotherapy after experiencing a “life quake”. Today Amy is founder and CEO of Connect the Mind and has a 3 month waiting list!

On today’s show, Amy talks about her big career change and how and why she started her business, why personal investments lead to business success, and she shares some amazing meditation exercises.

You’ll love today’s show!


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Meditation is a way to problem solve because really it’s a way of tapping into flow. So what happens neurologically is you basically upgrade your software.” – Amy Budden

Show Notes:

  • WHY meditation is becoming a game-changer in business today
  • A super easy tip to help you get started with you own meditation practice
  • HOW Amy grew her business to the point where she has a 3 month waiting list
  • Her Biggest Challenge
  • How to STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE and make your best personal investments
  • Her BEST productivity Tips
  • A GREAT decision-making exercise
  • How Amy PROMOTED her business when it first started
  • And much, much, more

When you meditate, you shrink the amygdala which is the fight or flight center of the brain, and you start to go to the prefrontal cortex and that’s the most elevated part of our brain. That’s creativity and problem solving.” – Amy Budden

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When someone sees the vision as clearly as you do, it gives you the confidence to move forward. And of course, this is how you impact your clients.” – Amy Budden