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Alyza Bohbot – From Crop to Cup, Empowering Women Worldwide with City Girl Coffee

Alyza Bohbot on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

My guest today, Alyza Bohbot, has some serious moxie. After taking the reins of her family business, Alyza was searching for a way to differentiate her coffee company while connecting with women. What she discovered along the way was surprising and out of that discovery, City Girl Coffee was born. Besides being seriously good coffee, City Girl’s mission is tied to women’s empowerment in the coffee trade industry where women do more than 70% of the work in the fields but rarely get any financial control.

City Girl Coffee sources as many beans as possible from women coffee farmers throughout the world and a portion of every sale goes right back to support women’s organizations worldwide.

Featured in Forbes, Delta Sky Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, and Star Tribune, Alyza has been named one of Minnesota’s “Women Who Lead.” She’s also a recipient of the Minneapolis Business Journal’s 2017 “40 Under 40” Award.

Alyza is funny, real, raw and boldly powerful. You'll love this interview!

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I knew if I cared about this then the likelihood of other people caring about this was probably pretty significant. It really was something that I felt strongly about since conception.” – Alyza Bohbot

Show Notes:

  • The SHOCKING discovery that led Alyza to birth City Girl Coffee
  • TIPS on how to gain traction in the saturated food and beverage product industry
  • WHY Alyza GIVES BACK through her business
  • Her BEST Business action steps
  • ADVICE on cash flow in a seasonal business
  • What Alyza did instead of GIVING UP at a time when she faced a huge challenge
  • The ONE Thing She Focuses on
  • Her BEST productivity Tips

Never think that you have all the answers. Never think that you know it all. Because you never know what little tidbit of information might just be the key piece that turns your business and takes it into a completely new trajectory that you never knew existed.” – Alyza Bohbot

Connect with Alyza Bohbot:

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“By coming out and from the get-go really making people understand that what we’re doing is much larger than just a coffee company, that was enough to get us that initial publicity and initial media attention.” – Alyza Bohbot