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Finding Joy Every Day
Align Platinum 180

A 180 Day hybrid, hands-on program that combines private, personal, one-to-one sessions with Joy as well as access to Joy’s popular private ALIGN Membership Community + so much more….Read On!

The time is NOW to ALIGN with what calls to you in your business.

If there’s something that the last three years have taught us, it’s to fear less and live more.

Having said that, I hear from many women, they are struggling to embrace how to make a reset work for them.

Where do I start?

What should I do next?

How do I know which option to choose?

How can I guarantee that my decisions will bring me closer to what truly matters, help me Find More Joy Every Day?

My team and I are so glad you found us. GET READY. We’re about to help you turn it all around.

ARE YOU ready to ALIGN with what truly matters to you in your business, your life, your family?

Imagine… finally discovering someone who truly cares about your success and believes in you. Someone who has the knowledge and a step-by-step approach to help you get clear, confident and focused on your vision as a woman entrepreneur and business owner.

Let me take you by the hand
and help you...

Monthly One-Hour Private Sessions With Me

Monthly, private personal one hour sessions with me to focus on & deepen your personal awareness technique, Ask the essential questions to ALIGN your business & life for more JOY and take focused, detailed action to achieve your goals.

Detailed Review of Marketing & Branding

Complete and thorough review by me of all sales pages, marketing & branding collateral with detailed suggestions on how to improve for better sales conversion & increased revenue.

Online Virtual Gatherings

One-Hour ZOOM Gatherings three times per month led by me, focused on business development, leadership & personal growth.

Monday Stillness & Journaling

Each Monday morning, gather with other like-minded women in the ALIGN Membership Community for Stillness & Journaling. Led by me, this will prepare your mind for next level thinking. In our Monday morning 30-minute session, you'll uncover your Top 3 High Value Priorities for the week. Our members report feeling optimistic, energetic and ready to seize the week!

Private Group Gatherings

Private Group Gatherings with other Premium members at least 3 times per year (in-person or Online depending on weather and current safety protocols).

Online Business Networking

Small Group Networking using Breakout Rooms to support member connections and facilitate high quality leads & referrals.

Interviews with Leading Guest Experts

Guest Experts at the TOP of their game join us on Zoom for small, intimate interviews led by me.  Members get to ask their own questions related to their unique business situation.

Live Event Discounts

FREE Admission to LIVE Events hosted by me.

Weekly Membership benefits


  • Meet every Monday morning with the ALIGN members for Stillness & Journaling led by Joy




  • ALIGN Private Membership Gathering



3 Time Sensitive, Fast Action BONUSES

When you take action on Joy’s ALIGN Platinum 180 program, you'll receive the bonuses below: 

Total Value of Bonuses:  $5,114.00

Mountain Retreat Gallery

One-Day, Private Mountain Retreat with Joy

Join Joy for a One-Day, Private Mountain Retreat in the Wasatch Mountains of Park City. This retreat will give you the time and space in a gorgeous, peaceful setting where you can hit the reset button on everything. Enjoy the release & relaxation mountain air provides in abundance. Every money-making, rewarding idea I’ve EVER had springs forth when I am in this environment. This special retreat location is close to easy walking and easy hiking if you desire. You’ll spend an entire day with Joy strategizing your business and create a new, refreshed plan for what you want moving forward. Lodging & meals are all inclusive. (Travel by air or car not included.)

Finding Joy Every Day Planner

Finding Joy Every Day Planner: Own Your Morning. Own Your Day.

Joy created this comprehensive, easy to use and portable planner, based on her 27 years of experience and solid research on how a daily morning practice leads to remarkable results in life.

It’s hard to make an impact when you look at the clock and it’s 3pm and you haven’t done anything on your to-do list. What’s worse, you haven’t tackled the action items that have the highest value.

What’s highest value you ask? The few action items that move the needle forward in your business, the tasks that could increase your profit margin dramatically.

Finding Joy Every Day Candle

Three Wicks to Ignite:

Awareness. Ask. Action.

These three words have the power to transform your day. When you commit to a daily ritual that elevates awareness, you can ask the most important questions so you feel confident that the action you take will be right for you.

Rave Reviews

Christy Davies“When I came to work with Joy, I had a lack of clarity on what direction I wanted to take my business next. There was certainly some fear involved and I had no real systems in place to grow. Through our work together, Joy helped me develop a new program that generated over $50,000 in sales in a one month time period. Together, we also created systems in the business that my team could follow and implement. Joy is completely committed to my success. She is devoted to her clients and is there for you when you need her. Working with Joy this past year has been amazing. She truly does have your best interest in mind and knows how to grow a business. I highly recommend Joys program to help you conquer the next level.” Christy

Katya Barry“I came to Joy Chudacoff because I wanted to propel my business to a new level. Little did I know that during our first three months together I'd go through a huge personal transformation which has made me review my business strategy. And I'm so glad Joy was there to support and guide me during this turbulent time. Joy has a unique ability to hear between the lines and to leave space for self-navigation, as well as offering concrete solutions whenever needed. I'm excited to see what our 180 days together will bring.” Katya

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Rave Reviews

“Before I worked with Joy, I was a Spanish teacher personally running Spanish programs for preschools and elementary schools, as well as my home. This year I have tripled my income and developed a specific plan for my business. Joy has offered me the guidance and direction I needed to accomplish my goals. Joy is a brilliant coach with many years of experience in marketing, communication and business. She is an amazing role model who believes in her clients and helps give you the confidence you need to believe the sky is the limit.” Maria

“I started working with Joy in the very early stages of my tech startup. She helped me gain the confidence to invest in the idea full-time and take this leap of faith forward. Joy has been more than just a coach for me…she's been an advocate and partner truly invested in my success. She truly understands the vision that I have and has gone above and beyond — from identifying strategic opportunities to helping me connect with the right people.” Christina

Joy Chudacoff

An entrepreneur for over three decades, Joy is said to have “x-ray vision” when it comes to helping successful businesswomen get from where they are, to where they want to be.

Before starting her own business consulting practice, Smart Women Smart Solutions®, Joy owned a highly profitable company in the medical sales and marketing industry, selling that business at a handsome profit.

For 18 years, Joy has been serving women as a professional certified coach/consultant, skilled group leader, highly sought-after motivational speaker and thought leader. Her expertise as a coach, consultant, and strategist is highlighted by the success stories and results she generates for her clients.

Joy is the Founder of the ALIGN Private Membership Community for women entrepreneurs. Weekly gatherings are just one of the many benefits for women who are leading with impact.

Joy is the host of the award-wining podcast for women in business, She's Got Moxie. Joy interviews bold, smart, women entrepreneurs who are flexing their moxie muscle when it comes to success in business. ‘She's Got Moxie' is ranked by iTunes as ‘The Top 100 Podcasts in Business & Careers' category and ‘The Top 200 in Education & Training.' Joy’s podcast received the distinct honor of being a Finalist for a Gracie Award®. The prestigious Gracie Awards acknowledges outstanding team leadership and individual achievement for all women in media. The Gracies are focused on women who are making positive changes in all facets of media and entertainment specifically for the advancement of women.

Leading by shining example, Joy integrates family and passionate work while teaching successful women how to do the same. Joy lives in Los Angeles with her husband Greg and their Mini-Labradoodle, Honey. They recently became “empty-nesters” sending their two children off to college.

To learn more about Joy, go here.

To subscribe to her popular podcast, She's Got Moxie, and listen to past episodes, visit here.