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The 5 most impactful areas of your business + NEW Announcement…

With the kids back in school, my summer is quickly coming to an end. But I know many of you are still enjoying the remaining few weeks of sun and slowness. The last thing you may be thinking of is how to strategically position your business for success over the next 12 months.

And this is why I personally love MOXIE, and all that it stands for, and why I’m so excited about the 2016 MOXIE Retreat (and the new update I have… see below.)

MOXIE Retreat 2016

MOXIE is about setting up your business in a way that gives you year-long results without burning yourself out. It’s about steady cash flow and profits that continuously come in, no matter what season it is.

One of the reasons MOXIE will be quite different in 2016 is that we’ll dive deep into 5 KEY areas of your business that need the most turnaround: your team, systems, leadership skills, momentum, and strategies.

From my experience, this is where you need to focus if you want rapid results and greater profits.

At my MOXIE Retreat, I will show you a refreshing new paradigm that will change the way women run their businesses and lives. I’m living proof that you can have the energy for your family and more time to enjoy your life, ALL while taking your business from good to GREAT.

And, because I know so many of you have been traveling, and off the radar during summer, I’ve got some exciting news…

I’ve decided to extend the Early Bird registration deadline. You now have until Tuesday, September 15 to reserve your seat at the lowest price I'll be offering for MOXIE. After September 15, the registration investment will increase so I invite you to grab your seat now and enjoy this limited-time discount!

Remember, my MOXIE Retreat is happening January 20-22, 2016 in Los Angeles. I hope to see you there!

Get all the details and claim your Early Bird savings here now.

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P.S. At my MOXIE Retreat 2016, I’m going to ask you to make courageous leaps in order to dramatically change your revenues, and your lifestyle—but trust me, you will feel lighter, and breathe easier when you discover my simple strategies and formulas. Forget about the bright and shiny objects, forget about drive-by delegation, and forget about the frustration. There is a smarter, easier path to success, and I’m going to show you the way. I hope you’re ready!

Get all the details and claim your Early Bird savings here now.