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3 R’s For Rapid Client Attraction

02-13-15If increasing your number of clients or customers is a pivotal goal for you this year, (I hope so!) I have good news for you. It’s within your reach if you follow the three R’s for rapid client attraction.

1. Relationships – Relationships are the new black in business now. “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” (Eleanor Roosevelt). There’s a real need, a craving, for deeper relationships in business today. People are desirous of more trust. Whether you’re networking, blogging or updating your Facebook status, seek first to create or deepen your relationships. People want to work with or refer to those where a deeper bond or connection is present. Take some time to consider where you have the “golden ticket” when it comes to creating relationships and make that a daily part of your marketing.

2. Results – Deliver on your promise or commitment. Make sure you offer what you know you can accomplish in the amount of time promised. For example, if you promise a certain type of outcome, delivery or result in 90 days, set yourself up to keep your word. Yes, the client or customer has to do their part. Remember, “You are responsible to your clients, not for them.” A great way to ensure success is to measure or set benchmarks along the way that you and your client can agree on. What you measure happens.

3. Review – When you deliver on the results promised, ask the client or customer for a review. Case studies and testimonials are great for converting someone from curious prospect to happy client. Don’t wait until the last session or meeting. Review progress along the way and if your client has a milestone moment – ASK for a review of your work together!

When you follow the three R’s consistently, you’ll see rapid results in your client attraction – guaranteed.