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The 5 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Prepare to Step Into 2023

The 5 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Prepare to Step Into 2023 on She's Got Moxie with Joy Chudacoff

2023 is going to favor the woman who’s crystal clear on her intentional goals. This episode was recorded just before the Christmas season, however it is so valuable as you head into the month of February. Today, I give you five questions that you can ask yourself as you prepare for 2023.

I share what the French cooking term ‘mise en place‘ has to do with getting your business in order and how to effectively fight the constant battle being waged between faith and fear.

Listen to this episode to learn which daily rituals you can incorporate into your routine to help you achieve your goals, how to narrow down which outside resources you need to best accomplish these goals, and how to figure out who in your circles can help drive you towards success.

Show Notes:
  • The 2 “F” FORCES at work every day and how you can win this battle
  • Why you need to FLEX your mind daily
  • Why CRYSTAL Clarity is Key
  • How your ENERGY can make you a magnet for new business
  • The #1 thing that’s in short supply but easy for you to deliver on to your clients
  • The 42% Rule in Goal Setting
  • Something that you NEVER want in your business
  • Joy’s SHORT-CUT to Vision Boarding that Works

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